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Skyblock, Greenhouses, Shops and Money!

Great news, FCMCers! We've added some awesome new features to the server! I give you Skyblocks, greenhouses, and money!

First, Skyblocks: You find yourself marooned on an island in the sky with just a cow and a chest of strange items. Don't fall! You probably already know how to play, but if not, Skyblocks is the ultimate survivalist experience. Put your Minecrafting skills to the test to see just how resourceful you can be. Not sure how to begin, watch these tutorials:

Second, Greenhouses! Tired of ranging far and wide for those exotic plants you need for potions and whatnot? Well, why not build a greenhouse! Greenhouses let you grow biome-specific plants. Watch:

Finally, money money money!

Now you can use money in the game, which means you can actually set up shops and buy, sell or trade items directly with each other. Here's a few tutorials to get started:

Have fun miners!

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